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Welcome to MFB Properties

Specializing in Helping Buyers Buy, Helping Sellers Sell, and Making Transaction Happen

Real Estate Investing

We arenʼt your typical Real Estate Investors. Weʼre a family owned and operated business.

In our business, customer service is paramount. We pride ourselves on being honest, fair, and dependable. We understand everyone needs a place to call home. A place they feel is their own. As we all know, times are tough in this economy. Many people canʼt qualify for a conventional mortgage, and sellers have a hard time finding buyers who can get approved for a traditional loan.

However, we are not realtors...Our family, feels that itʼs our duty to be creative problem solvers in this industry. The qualificationʼs we posses gives us the capability to use traditional and innovative methods in assisting our clients. The end goal is to always find affordable homes for homebuyers, while assisting sellers reach their goal of selling their home for top profit-as quickly as possible.